“Blood and Snow: Season 1” By: RaShelle Workman

Every thousand years, the Vampire Queen chooses a new body. The body is always the “fairest of the land” and this time, she has chosen Snow White.

“Blood and Snow: Season 1” written by RaShelle Workman tells a story about how Snow White is discovering who she is meant to be. The series interweaves all of the Disney Princesses but each playing a different role to help Snow White.

This season consists of 12 novelettes, with each book only consisting of 10,000 to 15,000 words, the story gets straight to the point. The ending of each book wlll leave readers antcipating what could happen next.

For me to read a normal novel, it will take me up to a week to read. I read this series in a few hours. The last novelette left me pondering on what will happen next.

I recommend this series to readers who enjoy fictional stories and who enjoy stories with a twist. Skim readers will not have a problem following this story-line. This series can be enjoyed by young readers as well as adults.