Book Review: The Wolf’s Mate Book 1: Jason & Cadence

Book Review: The Wolf's Mate Book 1: Jason & Cadence

Shelby Mathison, Reporter

The Wolf’s Mate Book 1: Jason & Cadence by R.E. Butler is not an easy read because of background information that can be hard to understand. There is a lot of foreshadowing in this book, to keep the reader anticipating as to what is going to happen next. This book starts out slow but has a very fast paced climax.

Butler tells the story through the eyes of Jason, alpha of the Tressel pack, and Cadence, half she-wolf. Cadence’s mother was wolf and her father human.

Cadence was real young when her mother died and her father refused to let Cadence learn the wolf ways. When her mother dies, Cadence is left unclaimed by both the Tressel and Garra packs.

Now that she is older, Jason fights the upcoming Garra pack alpha, Chris, to win her affections in hopes of Cadence joining either the Tressel or Garra pack as their new alpha female. With two people to choose from, Cadence comes to a fork in the road. Whom will she choose?

For me, this book took me a little longer than usual to read because there was information that I had missed and had to go back an reread what was missed. If I had actually slowed down and caught the details, it would’ve taken me six to seven days to read. It has also left me wondering who Cadence will choose as her “mate”.

Readers who are interested in fictional love stories will love this book. Skim readers will have trouble following the story because they will miss information that helps guide the story-line.