Ember by: Jessica Sorensen

Ember by: Jessica Sorensen

Shelby Mathison, Managing Editor

Nineteen year old Ember lives anything but a normal life. Born with a curse that by a simple touch, she can predict someone’s death. This curse is the reason she excludes herself from living the normal teenage life. Her best friend, Raven, is the only person who knows her secret.

Her life quickly changes when she meets Asher Morgan. When she is around Asher, Ember can’t feel or sense his death. This new profound silence make her feel like a normal human and is able to enjoy life. At least for a little while. As Ember lets herself get closer to Asher, she discovers that he his hiding something.

Soon after his arrival, unexplained and unexpected deaths start to happen all across town. Ember now starts to question why she cannot see Asher’s death and what he is hiding.

When I first started reading this book, it was difficult for me to figure out that it was about angels/ grim reaper. This was different from the books that I normally would read, so I found it to be really interesting. “Ember” is a fairly short story being that I read it within a few hours.

There is another version of “Ember” called “Ember X.” “Ember X” is an identical story written by the same author, Jessica Sorensen, but in “Ember X”, there is adult content that was added to attract a wider audience.

I recommend that people who are under 17 and want to read this book, to read “Ember”.