Hustlin Divas Book Review

Hustlin Divas Book Review

Acacia Mitchell, Staff Writer

Although Hustlin Divas may not be new or a classic, it’s still the kind of book that many would enjoy. Even though it has 467 ratings, 58 reviews, and  was  published in  2012, it’s still a best selling book and the first book in a fierce series.

After  re-reading it a week ago, it made me realize how others should read it as well. The author De’nesha Diamond really changes the whole mindset on how the thug and rough life are.

The setting of this story takes place in the Mid-South part of Memphis, Tennessee where female members of gangs are in control. The main characters are two sisters, Le’shelle and Ta’shara, an female police officer, Melanie, and Yolonda, the girl who “gets around.”

The only thing these four women care about is money and the four letter word, “love.” In their cases, love for the gangster men may be more important than blood itself. With Le’shelle, Melanie, and Yolonda fighting over the same man and competing for money, greed and power, and little sister Ta’shara having a boyfriend that big sister Le’shelle does not approve of, things can go really bad in the Mid-South of Memphis.