Taken by the Alpha by: Bonnie Vanak

Shelby Mathison, Reporter

“Taken by the Alpha”, written by the award winning author, Bonnie Vanak, takes readers on an adventure of pursuing happiness with a significant other no matter what challenges may lie ahead.

Etienne Robichaux, ex-military U.S. Navy Seal and alpha of the Draicon wolf pack, has fallen head over heels for Cindy Parker, member of the Draicon pack. When Cindy’s father becomes affiliated with the wrong people called the Diaz brothers, Cindy’s own well being is at stake. The Diaz brothers are searching for an orb that holds Cindy’s powerful wolf magic. The orb has Cindy’s powers because she attempted to save her grandmother when she was younger. However, if the orb is destroyed, Cindy will die from what killed her grandmother. Etienne will do what ever it takes to make sure the Diaz brothers don’t receive Cindy’s powers and hopes that it’s not to late to save his mate.

This story would best interest those who like romance with some conflict where the main characters have to overcome difficult challenges to keep each other alive. With several of important details referenced to help readers follow the story, this book is not recommended for speed readers.

Normally, it takes me a week to read a book, however, this book has only taken me a couple of days to read. This book also held my attention much longer than most books do.