Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Review

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Review

Christian Lopez

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a simple game app for IOS and Android.

It had recently reached 50 million downloads worldwide and to celebrate it, I have decided to review it.

Once the game is installed, it starts off with Shenron, a magical dragon that can grant wishes, summoning you to help the characters of Dragon Ball.

 The opening scene is very similar to how Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a game also released by Bandai Namco, opens.

Considering that the release of Dokkan Battle was just a month after Xenoverse’s release, it would seem obvious to use the success of Xenoverse to help promote the app.

Did it work?

Well it certainly worked for me. As an avid fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, I had thoroughly enjoyed Xenoverse as it had managed to take the story I love and twist it enough to where it was a new experience.

Some story elements of the game are present in Dokkan Battle’s Quest mode, it’s main mode. As stated before, you are wished into the world of Dragon Ball, and you are asked to join a martial arts tournament where you meet Trunks, the guide of the app.

 Trunks asks, you to help him find and stop these distortions in time and correct the history. Very similar to the console release, but that’s where the major similarities end.

In Xenoverse, the plot is slightly changed to make it unique; however, that is changed to major differences in the app.

At first, it seems to go the route of the Saiyan Saga, The first season of the show, but then the distortions happen and you have to fight the Ginyu Force, characters from the second season, and then from there first two seasons alternate when you finish a chapter.

It goes like that for the first half of the fifteen chapters in the quest mode and then the next half switches to the Android and Cell sagas, the third season, however, you never get to fight main antagonist of the Cell saga.

The mode ends with a random fight with the main character’s father, Bardock. It seems short, but it managed to hold me for a while.

Moving onto the meat of the app: it’s gameplay. Is it good? Is it simple?

Well, it’s very simple. Match your character’s color to the same color orbs and try to get a big number. How many you get will determine how strong your attack is, and each character has a skill that can be linked to others.

Character’s are won throughout the quest mode or you can use Dragon Stones, the in-app currency, to have a chance at getting good characters. With the characters you gain, you will be able to make a team of five characters and then you’ll be able to fight in the Quest mode and other modes.

Speaking of other modes, this app has quite a few. There is the main mode, which is the quest mode, then it has your basic mini-modes such as training and get more items.

The most interesting modes are the Dokkan event ones. They bring a higher difficulty, they bring variety and they bring more chances of getting powerful characters.

Also, every now and then the app will host a World Tournament, a mode in which the person with the highest points among all players in the states will receive plenty of in-app rewards. It’s very fun to try to compete and to see what rewards I get for being in the millionth place.

However, with every good must come a bad. This app does have quite a few flaws.

The most noticeable is how repetitive it can get, and how unfair the chances are.

After about 30 minutes into playing this app, you start to feel bored with it and the only reason why you continue is because you want to get more Dragon Stones to get stronger characters.

But, then you waste 50 Dragon Stones to multi-summon and then you get 10 variations of Yamcha, a very weak character by the way.

Now this might seem like bad luck, but no. It’s a complained topic, which is funny because Xenoverse had a terrible chance factor.

In the end, is the app worth your time?

A big yes if you’re a fan of the series, but a simple yes if not.

I’d give the app a 4.5\10