Fourth religious film debuts Easter weekend

Sekela Minor , Staff Writer

With Son of God grossing $26.5 million opening weekend, Noah outselling Divergent, God’s Not Dead selling $35 million in tickets so far, and Heaven is For Real premiering Wednesday before Easter, it’s been a big year for Christianity through religious films. Easter is an important Christian holiday and many have their own view of Easter and Christianity.

Jaylen Weatherred, sophomore, who is a Christian, wants to see God’s Not Dead because he’s “heard about it on twitter”. He believes Christianity is more than simply church.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean a certain church you need to go to”, Weatherred said. “It’s just your personal relationship with God”.

Although Weatherred states to be Christian, he believes that everyone should not have to spread Christianity .

“I feel like if they wanna represent Him, then good”, Weatherred said. “But I mean if they don’t want to kinda be out there with it then they don’t have to.”

Ashley Grisby, junior, is a Christian who has not seen any recent religious films due to work. She plans to celebrate Easter, but says “not one day” should make her feel like she should praise God.

“I’m not just close to God on Easter, I’m close year around ,” Grisby said. “Easter can help me feel a little closer but I’m not just to God on Easter.

Tayla Johnson, senior, is a Christian as well but disagrees with the makings of religious films.

“When people make films about it, it’s not really true or it’s just what they think”, Johnson said.

I.S.S Coordinator Steven Pickney, Pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church, says that these movies “can not portray the Bible” and has seen none of them.

“The Bible also says blessed is those who have not seen,” Pickney said. “And so I don’t have to see to believe. My faith and my belief is all I need in God”.