Free Kesha

cierra rodriguez, staff writer

Lady Gaga performs and speaks out only to bring a message at the Oscars Sunday night, for her rights as a women that struggle with abuse.

“I never thought I could ever be loved again because my body was damaged from my abuser,” said Lady Gaga while on stage. “But I found me a loving man that don’t see that in me and makes me feel like i’m somebody with a beautiful body and life.”

A huge movement, is happening all because of one person, millions loves, for speaking out and losing the battle against her abuser and not giving up for her rights.

Well known pop star, Kesha is getting support from stars and fans after she made a lawsuit that she lost against Dr. Luke. Kesha accused him of drugging and abusing her 6 years ago. Knowing that she can now speak to confront him, she got a lawsuit against him because he is in contact with making music with her with Sony and she had signed the contract for her record and she wanted the contract terminated.

The jury read the verdict not guilty and that Kesha can’t be release from the contract. While hearing this, Kesha burst into tears.

“I will stand as a woman and my rights against an abusive man,” said Kesha in a chat video she released after the trial. “I don’t want him in jail, all I want is for him to be out of my sight and away from what inspires me and that’s my music.”

The video is very emotional and she goes on with heartbreaking news to her fans.

“I’m not allowed to write and release any music until I agree to work with Sony, I can only sing covers and songs already out.” Kesha said.

There was a contract Kesha had to sign that she was not allowed to make new music and release any until Sony lets her. The contract was made by the court, Sony and many believe Dr. Luke is involve with it.

After she tells her fans the news, she sings The National Anthem. Supportive Fans made banners, donations to women who are struggling with abuse the same as Kesha. Her fans had also made petitions with over 82,000 signatures and many pages call Free Kesha. All are very supportive making a lot of positive impact.

Voices from all over the nation speaks out for Kesha hoping that she is alright and letting her know that she is making a movement for women. Taylor Swift makes a huge donation of $250,000 for Kesha, yet someone didn’t think it was right of Taylor donating. Demi Lovato tweeted against Taylor on Twitter for donating and not speaking out about the issue, but all differences were put aside and Demi clears it up on Twitter.

“I shouldn’t let my thoughts get to me,” said Demi. “Everyone has their own ways of giving supports to others, helping victims is all that matters.”

Performance by Lady Gaga was for women with the same issue as Kesha, herself included. During the Performance, guests at the Oscar teared up two of them were Rachel Mcadams and Kate Williams and many others were sad about the touching song, ‘Til It Happens to You’ Gaga sang that night and her speech after. Dr Luke tried to silence Kesha talking about Gaga message but she went on and said what she wanted.

“Other entertainers who knowingly put their own career at stake by supporting me, I will be forever grateful.” Kesha said in a Facebook post.  “But if you been abused please don’t be afraid to speak out there are places and people who will help you. Thank you Gaga for that amazing message that was place in my heart for obvious reasons.”

Hatred by Dr. Luke sister is being pushed towards Kesha saying that she is a bad person yet no one is really paying any attention to her. Fans are at Kesha’s side and she is just getting to warm up with covers for now but soon she wants to make her next album about her positive impact, she mentioned in an interview with The View. Free Kesha is spreading and positive effects are happening.