Is Selena Gomez “so sick of that same old love”?

Is Selena Gomez

Judith Velazquez, Staff Writer

Selena Gomez had been preparing us for her Revival album release along with her new single Same Old Love with teaser images on her social pages with a message saying, “This is My…” Following the text image, Gomez teases her fans with another black-and-white image of herself semi-nude with a simple caption of, “REVIVAL 10.9,” reminding us all of her forthcoming album release date.

Selena Gomez is “so sick of that same old love” but is she talking about Justin Bieber?

Many people speculate that Same Old Love has to do with her ex-boyfriend, Justin. The two were involved in a on and off relationship for a few years that seems to not have ended well.

The speculation comes from some of the lyrics found in her single. For example:
Take away your things and go
You can’t take back what you said, I know
I’ve heard it all before, at least a million times
I’m not one to forget, you know.

Along with:

I’m not spending any time
wasting tonight on you
I know, I’ve heard it all
So don’t you try and change your mind
‘Cause I won’t be changing too, you know.

photo 1.PNGEssentially, it became apparent that Selena was done having to deal with Justin any longer.

Did Gomez have Justin Bieber on her mind while filming the music video for Same Old Love?

The video was actually inspired by Tony Bennett, 89. Director of “Same Old Love”, Michael Haussman, recalled the memory that inspired him to create the music video’s storyline. “I remember when Tony Bennett — his daughter and I were friends in New York — was giving a show at Radio City and he was leaving and said, ‘You guys can take the car,’” Michael told MTV. “And we were like ‘What?! What do you mean take the car?’ He always walked to his shows, just walk through the door, and he’d never take the car. That always stuck in my head too.” But, the final cut of the music video wasn’t exactly Michael’s original version.

Before he incorporated the part where Selena left her car and walked to the show, it was a different story.

“The first time I wrote it, I wrote it that she was in the car the whole time,” Haussman said. “And to me there seemed to be an elitist disconnect from the world if she did that. There’s a certain moment when she disconnects and she gets out of the car just to have her own space — to walk, to move, to rub against people, you know.”

The change of script turned out perfectly because everyone was able to get a glimpse of Selena’s dress.

The final part of the video was filmed when Gomez performed the single for the first time on September 16, 2015 at the “Revival Event” in Los Angeles.

Is Same Old Love about Justin Bieber?SAME OLD LOVE IMAGE

Now knowing that Tony Bennett was the inspiration behind the music video, who was the inspiration behind Selena’s hit song? Fans had been querying if the song is referring to Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber. However, the singer set the record straight revealing it was inspired by something else. A different sort of love, so to speak.

“I think ‘Same Old Love’ represents a different kind of identity with love,” Selena told Radio Disney as she was being interviewed. “The first people you love in your life are your parents. So for me, my dad is the first male figure I had in my life. And how much it means to respect your parents and have a healthy relationship with them because it trails on into your relationships when you’re older.”