La La Land Soundtrack Review

La La Land Soundtrack Review

Josh Herrera and Celeste Solis

Oscar award winning “La La Land” is a movie about two main characters, Mia and Sebastian, pulled together by their love for their future.

The plot twist consisted of two individuals chasing their dream but encounter each other during the journey.

In the moment they think they are in love, they realize they need a boost in their careers’ and then go their own separate ways. This emotional roller coaster could not be as dramatic without its Oscar award winning soundtrack.

Composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz, the soundtrack tells the story, “La La Land” is what it said to be a Original Motion Soundtrack.

The soundtrack first song “Another day in the Sun” basically spoils the ending, as you hear the lyrics, Mia tells us she leaves Sebastian. She says “Still I did what I had to do ‘cause I just knew.” Saying she needs to leave him to pursue her acting career.

The soundtrack has been nominated for several awards and won a total of 15 awards. “La La Land” soundtrack has a total of 15 songs. Each song gives more information to the viewers including what the character is thinking and feeling.

Not only are the songs informative, they make the audience feel a certain way. Not every song has lyrics, but the instruments fit perfectly in each scene.

The instruments used in this soundtrack are more involved with the piano. The piano sets the mood with it’s slow rhythm, it’s more for two people that are in love. The piano is combined with trumpet, whistles, drums, and violin.

These instruments give the audience the boost of confidence. All these instruments add what the rest of the movie wants to acknowledge.

Chasing your dreams is what the movie wants to explain overall. Showing that anyone can dream and make it come true even though it wasn’t exactly how you planned it.