Lemonade making a stand as top album


Jamya Martin

Lemonade is the sixth album produced by the singer Beyoncé.

The album has sold up to 500,000 copies just in the first four days, it’s safe to say that Beyoncé has star power to have produced such incredible numbers.

Social media sites were flooding with funny memes about the album and who the album was dedicated to her husband  rapper Jay-Z.

In 2013, there were rumors of infidelity between the two star-crossed lovers and now three years later, those rumors are confirmed with this album.

Jay-Z cheated on the mega star Beyoncé. But as I’m sure everyone was wondering why would any man do such an icon.

The album was released with the premiere of the HBO special “Lemonade”. unfortunately within the same week another big icon passed away, Prince.

Bey fans also know as the “Bey Hive” of course swarmed social media  attacking the alleged “home wrecker” Rachel Roy, known to the Bey Hive as “Becky” with hateful tweets.

Some of the tweets include things like “It should’ve been you in that elevator” referring to the instance when security cameras caught Jay -Z, Beyoncé and her sister Solange in which it seems that Solange is violently beating Jay -Z.

Lemon emojis were also seen under numerous pictures on Rachel’s Instagram account.

She responded with “I respect love marriages, families and strength. What should not be tolerated by anyone is bullying of any kind”. She has since deleted the tweet.

Overall Beyoncé’s new album was a huge success. Her world tour kicked of in Tampa, Florida on April 23 and will be in Texas May 9th in Arlington, Texas.