Maddie & Tae offer fresh lyrics


Haley Williams, Managing Editor

Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, better known Maddie and Tae, blew country music fans away when their hit “Girl in a Country Song” came out. The catchy song was a response to the songs that give girls a certain image that displays them as property and to see things through a girl’s perspective.

“Girl in a Country Song” isn’t the only hit they have on their Start Here album. Songs like “Fly” and  have made their way to the top of the charts over the past few months.Unlike most female singers (Taylor Swift), Maddie and Tae’s songs are not all about boy, love and relationships. Instead they write and perform songs of what they have been through, not just break-up.

“Fly” is an acoustic inspirational song that motivates listeners to keep going and move forward during hard times. With lyrics like “you can learn to fly on the way down” and “keep on reaching, although the limb might break” sends out the message that even in bad times, people can succeed, learn something and keep on moving through the diversity.

“Shut Up and Fish” is a song, like “Girl in a Country Song”, that is role reversal. The idea for this upbeat song was based on an experience the two had with a set of “city” boys. It depicts details from the memory into the song with “salmon shorts” and “white v-neck shirts.” Instead of the typical girl trying to distract the guy, it was the opposite-hence the role reversal.

“Downside of Growing Up” is a song, obviously, about growing up. Life is an interesting ride, growing up is a part of that, but there are occuring issues people go through and are learning from. “I’m alright, I’m okay it’s just the way I find my way…I’m going twist, I’m going to turn, but it’s how I’m going to learn, a lot about life a lot about love, on the downside of growing up.” This lyric has a lot of meaning, as humans we make mistakes and learn from them it’s a part of life and growing as a person.

“When the Storm Blows Through” was written for their friend, Jessie,  who was struggling through a rough time in her life, her father had died unexpectedly. The song was meant as a reminder that Maddie and Tae supported Jessie and we’re there for her even though they might not be with her every second of the day.

Overall the album at least has one song that anyone can relate to, upbeat or slow. Start Here is full of, in my opinion, an amazing album consisting of songs about real life, not some fairy tale. These girls could possibly be the next Dixie Chicks.