PLL 5 years forward

cierra rodriguez, staff writer

Pretty Little Liars ended last season with us finding out that A, the one responsible for most of the madness, is Cece, Alison Dilaurentis twin sister. This season premiere jumps the characters five years after high school and introduces a whole new sets of lies.

The PLL preview showed how the main characters are coming back to Ravenswood after they believe all their horror was over after high school. However, they soon realize it’s far from over because they know someone else, is to blame for the rest of the madness,and is still after them and will not stop until they go down.

PLL main characters are Hanna Marin who is played by Ashley Benson; Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell; Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale; Spencer Hastings is played by Troian Bellisario.

“The season 7 premiere does not give much clues to who it could be,” said Marlene King, director of PLL, but I’m letting PLL army (fans) be the detective after all it’s call Pretty Little Liars for a reason right?”

This season should have all the answers the fans have been waiting 6 years for, but King hinted a possibility of a movie.

“Is this bad news or good news?”, asked Chelsea Briggs in an interview on HollywireTV.

Season after season, a plot twist are always in the shows. Every villain is a person fans never think could be “A” or just bad news.

PLL first aired June 8, 2010 and got successful it has many awards and broke a record on Twitter of the most tweets in 20 minutes. They have 4.3 millions followers on Instagram. Fans connect to other fans on Youtube by showing them watching PLL and their reactions. In conclusion, this season is dramatic and mysterious every second, so don’t miss it every Tuesday night at 8/7c on Freeform.