Season 5 of The Walking Dead Is Here!


Chaz Conaway, Staff Writer

Along with many other people, I was very disappointed when the last season of The Walking Dead ended. As always the session ended at the edge of a cliff. The 4th season was rather slow, there wasn’t as much relentless zombie slaying, and there was a lot of walking and talking.

The start of this season really pleased me though. From the start, it shows something that confused me. There was a scene that showed some people from Terminus that you have seen in the last season in a railway cart. This was the last thing you saw on the 4th season except it was Rick and the others inside.

When Rick, Glen, Bob, and Daryl were tear gassed and taken to be killed, things were about to go down. Some of the most popular characters aren’t going to die yet, even though it is the 5th season. Once inside they were out on their knees side by side beside a drain. There were two people standing behind them. One had a baseball bat to knock out the victim, and the other had a machete to slit the throat and drain the blood of the person. Once they reached Glen, there had to be something about to happen, and there was an explosion that disrupted this process.

Tyreese, Carol, and Judith, which is Rick’s baby, were walking on a train track  towards Terminus. When Tyreese refused to kill a walker, Carol did it with no remorse. This reflects her will for survival. She is very strong and independent. There were more zombies in the woods but they were distracted by gunshots from Terminus.

Tyreese and Carol continued their way to Terminus and stopped at a house. They overheard a guy from Terminus talking on a walkie-talkie about a kid with a hat and the girl with a sword. They got suspicious and took this guy hostage. Tyreese decided to stay at the house with this guy and Judith, while Carol found her way into Terminus. When she left, Tyreese said. “How are you going to do this?” She simply replied, “By killing people.” She took some supplies, which included fireworks, and was on her way. This made a big impression. Carol was ready to do what she needed to help her friends.

Carol used blood from zombies to make her smell and look like a zombie. This is actually a tactic that was used in the very first season. She lined a bottle rocket up, aiming it very precisely and shot a gas tank multiple times until it started leaking. Once that happened, she lit the bottle rocket and it hit the gas and caused an explosion. There is no way this would happen, but hey, its television so anything can happen. Once inside the compound she kept a low profile. It’s interesting that when Carol found the items of the hostages, she only took Daryl’s bow.

Carol went into a place that looked like a sanctuary. The main lady in Terminus came out and told Carol to put down her guns. She started to, and then shot at her instead. They then started fighting and eventually Carol shot the woman in the leg. She told Carol to end it, but instead opened the door and let the zombies in, and since she was covered in zombie blood, the zombies walked right by her. She is so cold blooded.

Once Rick and the group left Terminus they went to find the guns that they hid beforehand. It was at this point that Carol appeared. Daryl ran to her and gave her a really big hug. If you have seen most of the show, you know that Daryl and Carol have a pretty good friendship, but not certain what that friendship consists of.

This was a really great episode to start up the season. The writers came back with a good action packed episode like what was hoped for. The writers for The Walking Dead really have a great plot every episode and I never expect what will happen next.