Havard the Music Boy

Hayden Havard, center, and Brandon Walker, left, playing a show at Standpipe Coffee Shop.

Hayden Havard, center, and Brandon Walker, left, playing a show at Standpipe Coffee Shop.

Savannah Carr, Staff Writer

As junior Hayden Havard bangs on his piano keys, he thinks of why he truly started music.

He has been playing music ever since he was 10, and seven years later, he says his reasoning is because he simply likes to make music .

“There’s always something new in music, it’s never a dead end.”

Hayden plays many instruments which include piano, guitar, and he also sings.

“I prefer electric acoustic guitars,” Havard said. “They’re just acoustic guitars that plug into amps.

Hayden’s favorite musicians are two bands named Manchester Orchestra and Miniature Tigers which have influenced and inspired all of the music he writes for himself and his band, “Rules and Regulations” which features three other people who attend other schools. The band meets about between two to three times a month whenever they’re all able and usually perform at Standpipe Coffee Shop.

“I started the band because I like to play music,” Havard said. “I wanted to make money as well, playing at shows and stuff.”

With the money that he makes, he usually spends it on food. He says he usually doesn’t get nervous before performing either.

“I just think I will do fine,” he said. “If something goes wrong, worrying about it won’t do anything.”

Although Hayden and his band are mildly famous in Lufkin, he says making music is very challenging.

“A lot of people make music, and it’s hard to get noticed,” Havard said.

Even if it is a challenge, he still wants to continue music after he graduates by writing scores for TV shows and movies.

“I want to write music scores because I think it would be really cool to have music I’ve written to be the soundtrack for movies and TV shows,” he said. “Soundtracks are a big part of movies, a lot more than people think, and I would love to be credited as the person who composed the music.”