Popular Christmas movies

Emily Medina, Staff Writer

Christmas movies are known the be the most popular movies of all times especially during Christmas holiday. Christmas movies bring the best out of people during their holiday spirit. Here are five old popular Christmas films that you probably favored the most.

Frosty The Snowman: A magical hat that brings to life the snowman that a group of children made, until a magician wants the hat back and the temperatures start to rise. Frosty the snowman will melt if the kids can’t keep him away from the warm weather or the magician, so they hop on a train to the North Pole. Frosty The Snowman Trailer 1969 – YouTube

The Polar Express:  An inspiring adventure based on the beloved of children’s books. When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole and finds himself stuck in a city with two other people, soon to believe the existence of there being a Santa Clause.  

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Green Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the cherry citizens of Whoville all because of all of the unhappy christmas he had as a younger child. However, the Grinch finds a hitch in his plans when he encounters the endearing Cindy Lou Who, who then stops the Grinch from ruining Christmas spirits.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: This Christmas classic is about a lead character Charlie Brown who finds himself depressed despite the onset of the cheerful holiday season. Lucy, Charlie Brown’s friend, suggests he direct a school Christmas play, but he is both ignored and mocked by his peers. The story touches many holiday spirits on Christmas and explains to show the true meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ.

A Christmas Carol: A bitter and miserly old moneylender at a London counting house refuses to visit his cheerful nephew for the holiday season. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by his former employee that passed away seven years prior and then he is told he will visited by 3 more spirits before the night is over only to learn that there is such things in believing towards the holiday spirit. Scrooge suddenly awakens to find it is Christmas day and that the 3 spirits have gone. He then attends his nephew’s dinner, gives money to the poor, but most importantly brings his holiday spirit out.