Prank Academy starts airing March 30


cierra rodriguez, staff writer

Famous Youtubers Jeana and Jesse from Prank vs.Prank created an original series for Youtube Red name Prank Academy coming out March 30. The channel is about the couple pranking other youtubers in a way that is to be extreme.

“We’ve been doing this for months now, trying to prepare this all for you peeps,” said Jeana on the Gf. Vs. Bf vlog, “It’s been long hours but it’s all worth it.”

Prank Academy already has over a million subscribers and a preview video is only put up yet it’s only because of the ones creating it, Jesse and Jeana because of them the channel has over 9 million subscribers.

“We pretend we are teaching them a way to prank and little do they know that it’s a big prank on them,” said Jesse about the new channel on his Youtube vlog Bf. Vs. Gf.

Right now anyone can see who is guest starring in the channel by watching Jesse and Jeana’s prank channel Prank Vs. Prank and seeing the trailers that was released two weeks ago for Prank Academy and another this week to sum it all up. Some of the Youtubers guest starring are Superwoman, Jenna Marbles, Joey Graceffa, Butler guys and others.

The couple’s vlogs keeps the fans updated about the Prank Academy, only little information is given each time they would vlog. The series is set in Brooklyn, New York. In the vlogs Jesse would video himself and sometimes with Jeana, leaving Philadelphia going to Brooklyn for a couple days to cover what they needed for the new channel.

This is all set with crew members and stunts; This is the first time the Youtube couple had someone pretending to be in danger or have a crew to edit the video they had made.

“It’s hard to let someone else do the editing, I’m like no but it needs to be done,” said Jesse in his vlog, “So I get to look at it after and see if I or Jeana want anything else edit.”

Jesse and Jeana have a vlog channel Gf Vs. Bf to let their fans view their daily lives as youtubers because of this they include behind the scenes of Prank Academy and how they do it. They were inspired by their famous channel Prank Vs. Prank that is about the couple pranking each other.

“I love that we can do our thing while connecting with other youtubers and letting their fans see what we do,” said Jeana on the vlog.

To see the Prank Academy channel on March 30, sign up to view Youtube Red only for 99 cents and see what this new serie holds.