Jamya Martin

Among the nearly 30 movies being released in 2015 or later this year, one true life story needs to be on everyone’s “must see” list – Race opening in theaters tomorrow.

Directed by Stephen Hopkins, an Emmy Award winning director, the film follows a young African-American boy named Jesse Owens (Stephan James), a four-time gold medalist track and field olympian in 1936.

Stephan James has also starred in films such as Selma and When the Game Stands Tall. The role of Jesse Owens was originally supposed to go to actor John Boyega, but the action-packed force-fighting role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens snatched him up.

Stephan James isn’t really well known yet. His biggest accomplishment so far has been his role in Selma ,a chronicle of Martin Luther King to get equal voting on an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, and his role in the Canadian hit Degrassi: the Next Generation. He’s hoping that his role in Race will land him on the “A-List”.

Jessie Owens was not only the first black gold medalist but he preformed in the Olympics under the nazi regime. Owens was competing in the games during a time when Adolf Hitler, a white supremacist, would say that blacks would amount to nothing. Even being near Hitler must have been terrifying , let alone beating the Germans by taking gold in multiple events.

Because its Black History Month and Jessie Owens is an important person in black history I would strongly encourage you to see Race.