Selena’s Revival Tour

Selena's Revival Tour

cierra rodriguez, staff writer

She’s working on rehearsal day after day as many fans will see on her Instagram account. Selena Gomez is prepping up for her Revival Tour next week through Summer. She already posted who her famous makeup artist is and whose her wardrobe designer, plus members joining her and the cities Selena will be at.

The tour is based on her recent album Revival which has many awards and nominations since the beginning of 2016. Selena just won an award at IheartRadio for Revival and is nominated for a Radio Disney award and a Billboard award.

From her makeup to the merchandises she already posted details all her fans want to know. Revival is already known to be the best tour of Summer.

Her special guest already posted they are joining Selena on tour. The stars are pumped to join. The opening act is Bea Miller singing, including DNCE and Charlie Puth, also makeup tutorials youtuber Lottie Tomlinson aka Louis Tomlinson’s sister is Selena’s makeup artist on tour.

“I never went on tour by myself, I always had my brother and the rest of One Direction with me.” Said Lottie on Twitter revealing a pic of her and Selena and her statement. “ I don’t know anybody here, but i’m growing up and putting makeup on Selena what else is more perfect?”

Selena posted pics of herself wearing The Day Of the Dead facepaint and her body all darken with sparkles, fans wonder if she is wearing that or her dancers?

She also posted on Instagram of her hair done up in different styles for her tour. Lonnie vigi is her hairstylist as Selena mentioned in her picture.

“There will be lots of fun hairstyles and tons of hair flips to come.” Selena posted on Instagram with a sneak peak picture.

Her merchandises are already selling on her website,  t-shirts and one of them is a recent picture of her sponsoring Pantene. Also available are Jackets with her name and face on them. What else is on her site is Kylie Jenner’s Revival shorts and crop top, which Selena posed in.To top all this off, Selena is also known for her meaningful tattoos and she’s giving copies of her tattoos to fans to put on themselves.

What’s a tour without outgoing outfits? Selena posted a picture of her in a cut out gown and is rumored it’s coming on tour with her, and a net like vail. Selena told friends her designer is Nicolas Ghesquiere the producer of Louis Vuitton.

Selena has dance moves as her fans can see when she post rehearsal sneak peek. Her dance looks hard skilled like no others.

 As Selena is posting pics after pics of her upcoming tour in one week she also have been making new music, some fans have asked if she’s introducing her new songs on tour?

“Instagram now has 60 second video, which means 30 more seconds to hear and see recording of my new music which is coming soon.” Selena said on Instagram posting the video.

On her site her tickets range to $50.50-$125.00 depending on the row. Selena’s Revival Tour starts May 6 and her tickets, dates and cities are all available on her site. She is also going to Texas and the dates and cities are listed below.

  • Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center on June 15
  • Austin, Texas at Frank Erwin Center on June 17
  • Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center on June 18