The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host - Stephanie Meyer

The Host – Stephanie Meyer

Jasmine Vasquez, Staff Writer

At first, I didn’t want to read this novel of Meyer’s if it didn’t have vampires mentioned because I thought without them, if she ever created more books after the twilight series, none of the others would be the same. When I hear or think of Stephenie Meyer, I always think vampires, not aliens. So, I ignored The Host. But, the book kept nagging at me with its positive reviews and a love triangle mentioned that I decided what the heck? Why not?

For starters, Meyer has kept a little of her taste from her previous novels- love triangle, some words or phrases Bella, Jacob, or Edward would say. I seemed to enjoy it.

My favorite character would have to be Wanderer. Wanderer is a little like the human Bella. The sacrifices Wanderer makes, no matter how dangerous it is, is something Bella would do. Going to drastic measures for someone they care about is a person hard to ignore. It’s one of the reasons I like her.

Another character I admire is Melanie. Her fierce, strong nature is like the vampire Bella. Vampire Bella is very strong- strong enough to crush a boulder to pieces with a little kick- and insanely fast- so fast they become ‘all but invisible’. Melanie’s faster than anyone she knows, she’s the fastest runner in her school, and strong enough to challenge anyone no matter what size or shape her opponent may be.

The boys in this book-Ian and Jared- are similar to Jacob and Edward by their love, devotion and personality. Jacob and Edward are very devoted to their soul-mates-brave enough to protect and die for them as Ian and Jared are devoted to their lovers. Jared can’t live without Melanie. Ian ignores the fact that Wanderer is an alien, she’s still a person who has feelings. Wow, I love how Stephenie created Ian and Jared’s characters.

Meyer has really put a lot of work into this book. She’s made every character likable, inspirational and a role model. Brought more to the story-line than a human and alien coming together and fighting for a change in the world they live in.

I recommend any twihard out there to read this book. And I’d read fast because The Host will be developed into a film on March 29. Don’t miss it.