Twilight Parody: What if Bella chose Jacob Instead? By: Secret Anonymous

Shelby Mathison, Reporter

The Twilight Parody: What if Bella chose Jacob Instead? by Secret Anonymous is the Twilight story twisted to make fun of the original story. The 15 page story is a quick and easy read as it quickly touches the high points from the original story and adds a twist to the parody.

The story begins as it does in the first book of the original series, except Bella ends up not living in Forks and isn’t in high school. There is a time skip and Bella describes the first time she meets Edward. She is curious as to why Edward is acting the way he is when the other guys are acting completely normal. They do date, but not for long, before Bella goes on to date Jacob.

After dating Jacob for a while, Bella moves on. Not to give to much away, I’ll only let readers know that Anonymous weaves in some Harry Potter and Hunger Games. In all, the story makes Bella look very needy and an attention seeker.

This short story is a real easy read. It only took me about 10 minutes to read from start to finish. I have read Twilight and liked it. This version of the story is very funny.

This is an excellent book for people who don’t necessarily like Twilight. Even if readers who have read Twilight and love the series, it is a fun version to read and have a few good laughs.