Zayn Goes Different Direction



Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction celebrate their VMA for Song of the summer at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at The Barclay Center in New York City, NY, Sunday, August 25, 2013. (Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/MCT)

Cierra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

A new poster of One Direction “On The Road Again” tour is put up and Zayn Malik is not in the image. Directioners notice in the tour video diary posted on YouTube Malik is cut out of the entire video. One Direction is currently making changes due to Malik quitting the band.

Rumors, lies, drama and shades are thrown at Malik and the four remaining boys on social media. 1D’s first interview after the split of Malik was something fans needed to hear.

“We’re gutted,” member Louis Tomlinson said.

One Direction confirms in The Sun interview that they are looking for a replacement and they are still remaining One Direction. None of the 1D spoke badly about Malik which actually surprises people, especially Malik. He thanks them for not trashing him in the interview.

During one of  the One Direction tour concerts, On The Road Again, Harry Styles sang Maliks duet which didn’t succeed with his vocals. Therefore, Directioners took the part.

Many fans figured out Malik scammed One Direction, saying he quit the band because of cheating rumors that ended his engagement. Yet, he was found two days later with fiance Little Mix Perrie Edwards hanging with his family. Social media buzzed on this drama but was not prepared after knowing this wasn’t the only thing he lied about.

Malik’s first interview with The Sun after the split was ‘heartbreaking’ according to HollywireTv. He confirms on why he “quit the band”. Fans were actually going to ease down on Malik, until his lies turn to hatred.

Malik says in the interview he admits the decision was crazy and wild. 

“I want to be a normal 22-year-old,” Malik said.

Since his interview, Malik was seen in a recording studio, that same day Malik releases solo song “On My Mind” produced by Naughty Boy who released an album “Home” in August 2014. One Direction claims that “On My Mind” was rejected from their album. 

Directioners shades Malik for betraying and lying to them. Tomlinson’s little sister listens to the solo song and post ‘she didn’t like it’. Tomlinson throws major shades at Malik and Naughty Boy during tour concert and on Twitter. Tweet war between Louis and Naughty Boy seem like it would never end.

Tomlinson said to Naughty Boy on Twitter “Inconsiderate” and advises him to “Grow Up.”

Malik Twitter in just one week lost 40,000 followers. Naughty Boy post picture with Malik already calling him Zaughty. Directioners blaming Edwards for the reason he quit. Edwards admits she think he made the right moves supporting his decisions.

One Direction says Malik has been wanting out of the band for sometime due to stress claiming that his decision was on him. 1D is still going to remain on tour and needing a replacement that can have the high pitch vocal cords Malik only had.

One Direction won the 2010  The X Factor making them a famous band adored by millions. The band has many albums and records. Made No.1 on Billboard a couple of times, their songs grant them with all kinds of awards and made outrages hits on singles. It all seem too much for Malik to not see his friends were right there beside him.