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Six Gann Choir Scholarships awarded

Katey Hassell, Staff Writer

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A total of $2.9 million was awarded to Lufkin High School seniors in scholarship money, thanks to the Lufkin High School Alumni Association, community donors, and university scholarships.  According to LHSAA President Glen Arnold, it is the largest alumni association in the nation, providing 1,660 scholarships to graduating seniors.

Although 117 Lufkin High School seniors were awarded $1,000 scholarships, Arnold said one of the biggest highlights was the donation the LHSAA received from the late Benegene Kring, granddaughter of H.W. Gann.

In previous years, one outstanding choir student was awarded the Gann scholarship each year.  Gann’s other granddaughter, Natalie Crowson, said their family honored Gann with the scholarship because of his love of music.

After her sister passed away, Crowson said she gave enough money to the Alumni Association to create six additional Gann scholarships.
“We’ve been giving one scholarship every year,” Crowson said. “Now we’re going to be able to give out six scholarships for an outstanding choir student, which is fabulous.”

This year’s recipients share Crowson’s excitement and said they could not be more grateful to be recognized for the hard work they’ve done.

Students who received the scholarship said its an extremely big help paying for the costs of college tuition.  Students  said the scholarship takes a lot of pressure off, and will allow them to enjoy their musical aspirations without the financial stress.

Most of the recipients spent the last seven years growing up in choir together, so it was meaningful to them to share the experience of earning the scholarship.  The students thought it was great that they all got a choir scholarship. After so many years, they feel like they are a family and think its awesome to be honored as a family, with these scholarships.

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Lufkin High School's online student newspaper
Six Gann Choir Scholarships awarded