Going Green: Theatre Department presents ‘Shrek the Musical’ tonight and Saturday

Jada Ash, Daisy Gonzalez and Ana Rodriguez, Lufkin High School Panther Growls staff members

Lufkin High School’s Theatre Department will present “Shrek the Musical” tonight and Saturday in the Tom Jack Lucas Auditorium. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)
Tolu O’jori (as Donkey), Graham Childers (as Shrek) and Alex Hill rehearse a scene for “Shrek the Musical” in the Tom Jack Lucas Auditorium. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)

The cast and crew of the Lufkin High School Theatre Department’s production of “Shrek the Musical” have been working on the play since the second week of school.

Students in the Theatre program have been rehearsing and working on the set during their classes and for two hours after school each Monday through Thursday.

William Odom, the school’s Theatre director, said the show is the biggest production LHS has had since “Oklahoma.” He invited everyone to come see the show, which stars Graham Childers as Shrek, Emma Carlile as Fiona and Tolu O’jori as Donkey.

“The costumes just came in,” Carlile said earlier this week. “Most of them are rented, except a few. They’re really nice, and we’re excited to have them.”

Emma Carlile (as Fiona) rehearses a scene for “Shrek the Musical” in the Tom Jack Lucas Auditorium. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)

The students are presenting the play for elementary children this morning. Public shows are scheduled in the Tom Jack Lucas Auditorium for 7 p.m. tonight, and 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are $10 for general admission or $5 for children ages 10 and under. Guests can get half-priced admission at the 2 p.m. Saturday show by bringing three canned food items.

Cast members of “Shrek the Musical” include:

  • Shrek — Graham Childers
  • Fiona — Emma Carlile
  • Donkey — Tolu O’jori
  • Lord Farquaad — Alex Hill
  • Dragon — Lena Tate
  • Pinocchio — Adam Awtrey
  • Big Bad Wolf — Nick Hargroue
  • Ugly Duckling — Madeline McCollum
  • Wicked Witch — Madeline Gipson
  • Fairy Godmother — Olivia Soule
  • Elf — Addison Thompson
  • Pig #1 — Malaya Fluellen
  • Pig #2 — Victoria Steptoe
  • Pig #3 — Arianna Sessions
  • Peter Pan — Drew Dempsey
  • Mad Hatter — Chanel Finley
  • Mamma Bear — Beth Tatum
  • Papa Bear — Camari Taylor
  • Baby Bear — Caroline McDaniel
  • White Rabbit — Carson Wojasinski
  • Sugar Plum Fairy — Allie Pierce
  • Humpty Dumpty — Chandler Diggens
  • Young Fiona — Regan McDonald
  • Guard — Courtney McQueen

Crew members include:

  • Stage Manager — Madelyn Howard
  • Lights — Matt Hineman
  • Sound Engineer — Chloe Luce
  • Costumes/Makeup — Raegan Haggard, Darah Lawrence, Beth Tatum
  • Run Crew — MaKayla Doggett, Zach Hill, Nick Hineman, Kaley Pryor, Taryn Trapp, Dulce Velasquez, Oliver Nickle

William Odom is the director of the show, Deborah Garrett is the technical director, Nicole Stewart is the musical director and Christine Faros is the choreographer.