Lufkin High School’s 14 Drug-Free All Stars try to reduce drug use by peers

Ebony Tatmon, Panther Growls staff member

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Lufkin High School’s 2018-19 Angelina County Drug-Free All Stars include, from left to right, (front row) Joshua Simmons, Maria Mejia, Janet Mendoza, Jacy Dickerson, Anisha Rao, Riley Latham, Elizabeth Jones, Jed McDaniel, (back row) Alishbah Khan, Joe Soto, Aroob Naqvi, Adam Holden, Cade Self and Jake Garza.

Drug-Free All Stars are high school seniors who pledge to be alcohol-, drug- and tobacco-free role models in spite of peer pressure.

There are many Drug-Free All Stars in East Texas. Lufkin High School’s 2018-19 Angelina County Drug-Free All Stars include Jacy Dickerson, Jake Garza, Adam Holden, Elizabeth Jones, Alishbah Khan, Riley Latham, Jed McDaniel, Maria Mejia, Janet Mendoza, Aroob Naqvi, Anisha Rao, Cade Self, Joshua Simmons and Joe Soto.

Their plan is to try to keep their classmates from starting drugs.

“If someone near us is attempting to do drugs, then our job is to step up and tell them no,” Mejia said.

Mejia said she became an All Star because she wants to learn more about people who have battled with addiction.

The LHS All Stars all have their own reasons for joining the group and goals for the school year.

Latham, who said she would like to eventually be on the Youth Leadership Council through Drug-Free All Stars, said she believes electronic cigarettes are the biggest problem in Lufkin right now, so she would like to explain their consequences to people.

Simmons said, “Lots of people don’t know what the exact risks are, so more awareness needs to be spread about it.”

He said the Angelina County Drug-Free All Stars will spread the word by putting up posters and handing out flyers at events.

The All Stars, in their first monthly meeting late last month, discussed the effects of doing drugs and learned about four different drug groups — prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco.