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Students Attend Thespian Workshop

Haley Soule

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Sixteen LHS thespians just got back from an action-packed weekend in Houston at the annual Texas Thespian Convention.

Senior Barrett Ochoa told of all the fun that they had the four days that they were there.

“It’s a really good experience to open up your eyes and see what else is out there,” Ochoa said. “They gave a bunch of workshops that really allow you to expand your skills as an actor and let you pick out new qualities that you never would’ve had.”

Students chose up to twelve workshops to attend daily, which ranged from fundamental acting, dance, and theatre games, to improvisation, mime, lighting, and sound. 

In addition, students were given the opportunity to watch one-act plays performed by schools from across the nation. 

“In Lufkin, you don’t really get to see that many theatrical performances,” Ochoa said with a chuckle. ”The high level of talent they brought to this convention was great.”

Senior and Thespian President Megan Martinez was impressed by the talent that the workshop teachers were able to share with their students.

“I went to three different workshops from one teacher named Michael Lee,” Martinez said. “He’s a mime that studied under Marcel Marceau who was a famous French mime.”

Renowned teachers, professors, and professional actors and coaches from across the nation come to teach the many classes that, to be taught properly, require people who specialize in certain parts of the theatrical world. 

Attendees of the Thespian Convention obviously have to be thespians. 

A person becomes one when he or she acquires ten points as given by the theatre director. 

Major roles can earn up to eight points, while a smaller role might only earn one or two. 

Theatre Director Mark Keith says that he is trying to boost up the Thespian society at LHS and get students excited about theatre. 

“Thespian Society is not something to just be a part of. It’s a lot more involved,” Keith said. “Basically. it’s a service organization, but it’s centered around theatre.”

Megan Martinez says that it is a reward for being dedicated to the theatre department, which she definitely has been. She has been a part of every single production since her freshman year. 

Many people have the misconception that theatre is only for people who love to be the star of the show. 

However, Keith reiterated that there are many different roles to play. 

Some are loud, some backstage, some small, and some are in the tech booth. 

“Not everybody is doing one thing,” Keith said. “You got a lot of people doing a lot of different things. And then when they can all come together and make one big product…man, talk about cool.”

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Students Attend Thespian Workshop