William Tucker

William Tucker

LaTajah Lewis, Staff Writer

The first African American birth put into record was in Jamestown, Virginia. William Tucker, born January 3,1624, to Anthony and Isabella, two African indentured servants, was the first birth of African American history that was actually put into record.

Because Tucker was born to servant parents, he was a servant growing up. Tucker was baptized when he was born, so he was classified as a Christian and the colonist opposed to enslaving Christians.

Tucker’s parents named him after the captain of their boat because he allowed them to get married on their boat. Since Tucker was born, the only thing about him that was documented, was his birth, everything else, was lost. Tucker had siblings, but their birth wasn’t as significant as his, so they weren’t put into record. Because Tucker was born so early, all of the documents about his life were lost or destroyed.

The date of Tucker’s death hasn’t been recorded, but he is buried in his family’s burial ground in Hampton, Virginia.