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On the Inside: The Tale of a Professional Hair Guru

Skyler Kesinger, Staff Writer

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To some, a job is an honest way to make a living for their family, to others it is a death sentence, but to Rob Fisher, professional hairstylist at Bella Hair Salon in Lufkin, it means something else entirely.

“There’s a difference between coming in to a job that is a job, and then doing something you love every day,” Fisher said, intricately weaving extensions into a client’s hair. “It doesn’t feel like work, but like it’s your hobby.”

Fisher grew up in Southfield, Michigan, where he discovered his passion for cosmetology at a young age.

“My sister asked me to do her hair for her because she couldn’t, so we looked at pictures of styles and I started styling her hair every day,” he said nostalgically. “Me and my sister are really close and at first, I had no idea what I was doing, but then it all came together and she looked pretty good.”

Shortly after Fisher began styling his sister’s hair, his craftsmanship began to attract attention from peers.

“I started doing her makeup and teaching her that,” he said, reflecting. “And then I started doing hair for homecoming and prom the rest of high school.”

After high school, Fisher pursued his dream of becoming a hairstylist by furthering his education in cosmetology and was influenced by many people who helped shape his perspective.

“I went to school at Paul Mitchell in Michigan,” he said. “I met a lot of people who were high in the hair industry, people that I could look to as role models.”

This unique perspective is what set Fisher apart from everyone else and aided him in achieving his goals.

“The way that I looked at things was different from the way other people did,” he said, wearing a rebellious smirk on his face. “I still use that in everything I do every day. I mean, the way that I see a cut or a color can depend on the end result; the way that I look at it might not be the same way other people look at it, so it gives me an edge.”

Fisher was captivated by the sheer physical aspect of cosmetology, the ability to transform someone into something else completely.

“I just liked the fact that I could look at the way someone looked and make them look better,” he said, in awe of the possibility. “I can take what I see on the inside and make them look just as good on the outside.”

When it comes to Fisher’s hairstyling technique, practicality is key.


Rob Fisher completes styling a client’s hair.

“I like everything, but you have to be flexible with the customer,” he explained. “You might get someone who likes edge and wants a short and playful hairstyle or you might get someone who just wants to look like themselves and wants a hairstyle that is easy to fix. It’s all a matter of working with their personalities.”

Fisher provides hair expertise for the fall season.

“I would say I like to go to one extreme or the other,” he said. “If you’re going to go dark, go dark or if you’re going to go light, go light. I recommend a subtle balayage, which is a technique of painting the hair.”

Even though Fisher is devoted to his job, he makes sure that he is able to maintain a healthy relationship with his family.

“It’s all about how you manage your time,” he said insightfully. “I have to make time for what’s important to me, so I allow myself to have so much time to work in, but I also make sure I have time to spend with my family.”

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Lufkin High School's online student newspaper
On the Inside: The Tale of a Professional Hair Guru