Photography teacher plans to travel, hike after 20 years at LHS

Natali Ovalle, Lufkin High School Student Media

Photography teacher Sean Dupré is retiring after 20 years on the job at Lufkin High School. (Photo by ABIGAIL PALACIOS/Lufkin High School Student Media)

This year will mark 20 years of being a photography teacher for Sean Dupré, and it will be his last year teaching at Lufkin High School.

Dupré joined the U.S. Navy after graduating high school. After serving his country, he decided that he wanted to give back to his community and “do something that’s fulfilling,” so he got his teaching certificate and joined the LHS staff.

He said he never planned on being a teacher, but he has no regrets.

“I think the thing i enjoyed most about teaching is connecting with students and seeing that little light bulb go on like, ‘I get it,’” he said, “and that gives me the confirmation that I have taught them something about photography that I hope they will use for a lifetime.”

After this school year, Dupré said, he plans on traveling and doing photography, as well as hiking. He said he anticipates doing that for a year, then traveling abroad and exploring other countries.

When asked what he’ll miss, he said, “I’ll miss the satisfaction of connecting and passing on knowledge to a young person.”