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Panther Growls

Lufkin High School’s New Printer

Logan Lovell, Copy Editor/Reporter

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This past Tuesday, Computer Technologies received a 3-D printer, and they love it. So much so, in fact, that around today (May 12) The printer is out of commission. The students and teacher, off camera, talked about all the different uses that a printer such as this could have; from making prosthetic parts and pieces to props for plays.

The printer itself uses a plastic-like material to make its printings, which can come in several colors, including: Silver, Yellow, Brown, Black,  Green, and Gray.

The members of Comp. Tech. are overly thrilled to have this machine. Of the models they have made, they made a Yoda, a dragon, ‘Panther Bots’ logos, a semi-bendable hand, and a panther, and the latter 3 are shown in the video.

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Lufkin High School's online student newspaper
Lufkin High School’s New Printer