LHS seniors revisit their younger selves during C2G Day

Tacastass Brooks, Panther Growls staff member

Members of the Class of 2019 paraded through Lufkin’s primary, elementary and middle school halls in their caps and gowns on Thursday.

Lufkin High School seniors Kayana Barrios, left, and April Rodriguez smile during the annual Commit to Graduate Day on Thursday. (Photo by TACASTASS BROOKS/Lufkin High School Panther Growls)

The soon-to-be Lufkin High School graduates revisited their old schools, where memories of the playground, playing with shaving cream and going to the cabbage patch to shop for pumpkins began to run through their heads.

The purpose of the annual “Commit 2 Graduate Day” was to introduce the younger students to the excitement that comes with graduating from high school.

Wearing their purple caps and gowns for the first time has brought many emotions to seniors and their parents — but most importantly to the students that the seniors met Thursday. Not only did the seniors introduce the perks of being upperclassmen, but they also gave the younger students a goal.

“I never knew how much of an influence we had on younger students,” LHS senior April Rodriguez said. “But seeing their faces light up with excitement as we walked their halls made me feel dedicated to accomplish my goals and brought me so much joy. It is a good feeling knowing that younger students look up to us.”

As the seniors of LHS begin to wrap up their last few weeks of high school, they begin a new chapter in their life and prepare to continue their education beyond high school. The seniors on Thursday continued to make their former teachers proud as they reunited for one last time as students and educators.

“Being able to see younger students made me remember my childhood,” senior Kayana Barrios said. “I’ve seen most of my previous teachers, and to see the looks in their faces, I feel as if I made them proud. If I could redo my younger years as a student again, I would, because those were some of the most amazing times ever.”