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Majorette Tryouts Scheduled

Ayzsia Pinson, Staff Writer

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Majorette tryouts for the 2012- 2013 school year will begin Monday on the first week of May. There will be 15-25 people trying out this includes incoming freshmen, and next year’s sophomores and juniors. If the girls made it their sophomore and junior years, they do not have to try out for a senior position.
Tryouts will be held in the band hall all day. The tryouts consist of fundamentals, a solo routine, and a group routine. It takes the girls four days to learn and practice the group routine, while the actual tryouts are on Friday.
SFA Twirl-O-Jacks will be judging the tryout. They will study the routines, and the 20 best performances will be selected as next year’s twirlers.

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Lufkin High School's online student newspaper
Majorette Tryouts Scheduled