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Miss Cinco de Mayo Candidacy 2017

Josh Herrera and Celeste Solis

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Two senior girls are responsible for dividing the student body, not for political views or anything that drastic, but for something they believe is more important – Hispanic heritage.

Cinco de Mayo is weeks away and two seniors – Briana Martinez and Myrka Lila – are candidates for Miss Cinco de Mayo. Panther Growls has ask Briana Martinez and Myrka Lila individual questions concerning their determination of being the next Miss Cinco de Mayo.

Panther Growls
Briana Martinez Myrka Lila
What is the reason for celebrating Cinco de Mayo? And how does the community celebrate?I think Cinco de Mayo is all about getting to know not just your Hispanic heritage, but celebrating Hispanic heritage like as a whole,and the community really does a good job because we have a celebration in Kiwanis Park May 6th.

Cinco de Mayo celebration comes from the Battle in Puebla where the French and even a greater army were defeated by the Mexican army. My community celebrates Cinco de Mayo by coming together and showing their culture through food, music and entertainment at a local park.
What is your favorite part of being able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
My favorite part,honestly, is the food.The whole festival we have in the park because you get to experience so many different things that not everybody sees on a daily basis, so it is really exposing a lot of people to the Hispanic culture.Having the opportunity to celebrate Cinco de Mayo brings out the joy of togetherness of many Hispanics and allows many families to reunite.It makes me feel happy to truly understand what it is to be Hispanic.It demonstrates attributes that i'm am truly blessed to have.

How long have you wanted to be Miss Cinco de Mayo? That goes back awhile.I always wanted to be a Miss Cinco de Mayo.Ever since I was a little girl, I would always see them in the Miss Cinco de Mayo festival with my grandfather every year. We would see them on the stage, and then in middle school.One of my cousin’s good friend ran ,Crystal Zamora, and she won and I saw that was actually something I could actually accomplish myself. So ever since she gave me that extra motivation to really want to do this.I have never understood what was behind being a Miss Cinco de Mayo candidate, but when it came to my knowledge that it would not only benefit my future and my community, but also help my dream of becoming a pediatrician. I was all for it.
what are the benefits of being a miss cinco de mayo candidate? And how does this help you in the future?
The biggest benefit of being Miss Cinco de Mayo is the scholarship you get a certain percent of what you raise goes to your scholarship for college and that would really help me because I'm having to pay for college on my own.My parents aren't wanting to help pay for college because they both paid for their own way through college, and they believe that it would mean more to me if I paid for it myself, so this is probably the best opportunity for myself to get a head start.

By being a Miss Cinco de Mayo candidate.I am able to represent my community. I have the ability to represent my willingness to work hard and my determination by participating.I will hopefully have the opportunity to further my career in biomedical science as well as Spanish liberal arts.

What else are you doing to raise money and convince people to vote for you?
For example, I have these little bracelets that I'm giving out when people buy tickets, and I also accept cash, credit card and check.I’m not just accepting cash I have a bunch of means of getting in ballots so if I sell the most tickets, I’ll win.I'm setting up events almost everyday.In order to raise money, I have the support of family and friends and communication skills,both English and Spanish,to gain supporters.

what does winning mean to you?The word winning to me is being able to look at yourself being successful and accomplish your own personal goal.It may not be actually winning. If I don't win, I still consider myself a winner because if I meet the goal that I set for myself, I’ll be a winner.

In reality, winning is not my first priority.I simply wish to raise enough money to help my parents finance my education.

Do any of the other candidates intimidate you?
My biggest intimidation in a candidate is probably Myrka Lila because I know her mom works here at the high school and she has a lot of people supporting her as well, so I say she's my biggest competitor.
I have found that the person that truly intimidates me is myself.I am scared of failure; of not being able to achieve my goal.That is truly what motivates me.

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?
I believe that I've been involved in my community much longer than a lot of the other candidates, and I actually believe giving back to the community and this is something I wanted to do for a long time. I'm really looking forward to being Miss Cinco de Mayo and my involvement with my community can separate me from my competitors.

I feel like we all have attributes that make us unique,but in reality, I'm solely concentrating on what would help my family get me through college.
In your point of view, what are your chances of winning?
From what, I see I have a really strong chance of winning just because I'm able to go places and do the things I need to do, and I have a plan.My plan basically is to win whether it be to happen or not.I think we all have a great chance of winning.It would come down to who works the hardest.

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Miss Cinco de Mayo Candidacy 2017