Panther Band drum major excited to be named 2019 homecoming queen

Zaria Grace, Aalyra Agent and Hannah Koonce, Lufkin High School Panther Growls staff members

Kaelin Morris and her father, Kendrick, react as she is named the queen at Abe Martin Stadium. (Photo by NILLAH ALEXANDER/Lufkin High School Fang Yearbook)


Kaelin Morris knew she had a lot of support when she was named Lufkin High School’s homecoming queen this past Friday night.

“My favorite part about homecoming was when they called my name,” the Panther Band drum major said, “because I saw how proud my parents were, and it felt good — as well as when I heard my band screaming. I know they were really supporting me. I love them for that.”

Kaelin was one of eight seniors nominated by LHS students to be the 2019 homecoming queen. The others were Natalie Chavez, Katie Davis, Faith Holman, Mya McDaniel, Alyssa Nunn, Alexes Ochoa and Sarah Anne Scoggins.

When asked why she wanted to be the queen, Kaelin said she wanted to experience the feeling that last year’s queen — Ashley Guel, who was also a drum major — had experienced.

“When I first made it on court, I just wanted to be known,” Kaelin said. “Even though I’m drum major, I wanted something else to be known by. I actually only wanted to be on the court. It started to feel good seeing that people were actually voting for me, so I decided that I was going to stay on the court. Hoping that i was going to become queen, it was a whole new experience for me. It was shocking! I’m still shocked.”

She said she has gotten a lot out of being named queen.

“It was a great experience,” she said. “A lot of people are talking to me now. I didn’t talk to a lot of people at first. It feels amazing that I could represent the African-American community. It also meant a lot to me to represent my family, as well. They have helped and supported me in so many ways, I can’t thank them enough. So it felt really good to make them proud in front of everyone.”

The Panthers varsity football game won its homecoming game against Willis, 42-13.

Other members of the 2019 LHS homecoming court included:

  • Juniors — Mia Lila, KeAndria Hooper, Kennedy Tinajero and Stori Thomas\
  • Sophomores — Enia Branch, Lom Bonilla, Izabella Morales and Kelby Coutee
  • Freshmen — Savanna Durham, Libby Flores, Courtnee Morgan and Mattie Nicholson
Senior duchesses on Lufkin High School’s 2019 homecoming court included (front row) Faith Holman, Kaelin Morris, Mya McDaniel, (back row) Natalie Chavez, Alexes Ochoa, Katie Davis, Alyssa Nunn and Sarah Anne Scoggins. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)
Junior duchesses on the 2019 homecoming court included Kennedy Tinajero, Mia Lila, Stori Thomas and KeAndria Hooper. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)
Sophomore duchesses on the 2019 homecoming court included Lom Bonilla, Izabella Morales, Kelby Coutee and Enia Branch. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)
Freshmen duchesses on the 2019 homecoming court included Libby Flores, Courtnee Morgan, Savanna Durham and Mattie Nicholson. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/Lufkin ISD)