Three LHS seniors earn National Merit Hispanic Scholar recognition

Chong, Latham, Rueda say hard work and dedication went into earning honor

Ebony Tatmon, Panther Growls staff member

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Lufkin High School seniors Fernan Chong, Riley Latham and Moises Rueda have been recognized as National Merit Hispanic Scholars. (Photo by ASHLEY GUEL/Lufkin High School Fang Yearbook)

Lufkin High School seniors Fernan Chong, Riley Latham and Moises Rueda were named National Merit Hispanic Scholars this month.

To be considered for the honor, students must take the PSAT in October of their junior year and make a high score, but it takes more than that.

“It’s getting your schoolwork done on time and always trying to get good grades,” Rueda said.

All three seniors said they appreciate the title.

“It feels great to be a National Honor Merit Scholar,” Rueda said.

“I felt very honored to have gotten it,” Latham said.

“It means everything to me to be recognized,” Chong said. “I am really appreciative of everyone, my parents, who supported and helped me through troubling times to get this.”

It takes a lot of dedication to become a National Merit Hispanic Scholar.

“You have to do a lot of work to achieve it, but it is worth it in the long run,” Latham said.

Latham said she spent lots of time studying for the PSAT on weekends and after school when she finished her normal homework and volleyball practice.

Chong, a golfer, said he had to work hard to balance sports with school.

To give advice to students who might want to achieve the honor in the future, Chong said, “I suggest always striving to be the best you can be, so even if you fail, you will still be at the top.”