Trash in creek shows need for the Green Team on LHS campus

Avrye Tompkins and Nolan Rogers

Trash can be seen in the creek that runs through the Lufkin High School campus. (Photo by NOLAN ROGERS/Lufkin High School Panther Growls news)

Lufkin High School has always been a place of beauty and cleanness, but a closer look shows how much pollution there is on parts of the campus.

Countless pieces of litter can be found in the creek that runs between the main school building and the indoor practice facility.

Biology teacher Truitt Eubanks said trash in the ditch contaminates the water for the organisms that live there. He said the creek catches runoff from the trench, along with trash from the road and other places.

Assistant Principal Zach Allen said Lufkin High School has a Green Team, “a group of kids that get together and clean up around town and campus that care about recycling.” English teacher Christine Faris, director of the Green Team, said the club is working on its plans for the spring.

A piece of trash is stopped by a tree in the creek that runs through the Lufkin High School campus. (Photo by AVRYE TOMPKINS/Lufkin High School Panther Growls news)

“We are working on a recycling initiative to get started,” she said. “There has been one in the past. We were trying to take the burden off the kids so they don’t have to work as much. We are trying to make it a little more sustainable to go a little more smoothly.”

Faris said campus clean-ups are scheduled for Feb. 28.

“(The Green Team) wants to get started on cleaning on the creek, but it’s a safety issue and we are trying to find ways on resolving it, like to make it once a month,” she said.

In addition to cleaning the LHS campus, the club hopes to expand its efforts, Faris said.

“The club would like to clean up parks around town three to four times a semester,” she said.