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Zika Virus spreading in Texas

cierra rodriguez, staff writer

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As students prepare for summer vacation, some will listen to warnings that are repeated every year, and for those spending time outside, they are told to wear sunscreen and don’t burn.

This year, a new warning is being spread to anyone venturing outside  – be aware of the mosquitoes, their bites can be deadly.

A Puerto Rico man had lately died of the disease because the infection and the illness it caused got bad. The Zika Virus was  found in a couple of states in the U.S. and it is spreading.

As the summer approaches more closer, more insects are coming out, but the most common insects are mosquitoes. They are usually no bother, a person is bit and itch occurs and most just simply ignore it. Lately, around Texas, the Zika Virus which is carried by mosquitoes has spread increasingly and they will be around all year long.

The Zika Virus has caused death around the U.S. and 33 people in Texas have already contracted the virus. The virus has been very deadly and causes major birth defects. So far, the borders between Mexico and Texas, Puerto Rico, Austin and Houston borders has been areas of the spotting of the virus.

A vaccine has not been made yet, but scientists have created a clone of the virus which is told to be one step closer to having a vaccine. Anyone can get the virus and finding signs is important.

“I came home from vacation, days later I got very sick and I remember the virus going around and I was thinking I did get bitten,” said youtuber Nikki Baker on her vlog channel. “ The Off spray didn’t help much but it was a two day hurting sickness and I got most of the symptoms except a few and that was red eyes and headaches but I ended up getting better.”

The symptoms are not similar to a regular mosquito bites. The symptoms to Zika Virus are fever, rash, joint pain, red eyes, and headaches. Scientists don’t exactly know how long it takes for the symptoms to show up but most report a few days to a week.

So much suffering of the virus leads to death. Many who survives and are pregnant don’t have much luck either, The virus has been known to cause birth defects, mostly by causing the baby to have an irregular size head.

Mosquitoes bites the virus into the person and that person can now spread it to another person. It is contagious so if symptoms occur it’s been direct to locate emergency help right away.

Weather in Texas has been mixed dry and wet, which really brings the mosquitoes around especially when it is humid.

No one is safe from the Zika Virus there are prevention from it. The best way is staying indoors, but if anyone is to go outside there are a few tips to keep mosquitoes away.


  • Wearing long sleeves and pants
  • To keep the mosquitoes away from home have the doors and windows with air conditioning on.
  • Spray strong repellent around your porch especially where they attend to hide which is under furnitures outside.
  • Do not spray repellent and put on clothes after and do not spray on infants only rub strong cream on them.
  • Drinking two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a day keeps the mosquitoes away.

Vaccine is coming along yet slowly, once it is made taking the vaccine decrease the chances of getting the virus. For now, using anything to prevent the virus is needed.

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Zika Virus spreading in Texas