MY OPINION: A president should meet certain moral qualifications. Trump does not.

Will Lanigan, Lufkin High School Panther Growls Editor

President Donald Trump (White House photo)

Let me preface this by saying that I consider myself a moderate conservative. I agree more so with the political policies of the Republican Party, but I am beginning to question my political identity as a result of one major factor: Donald Trump. This is the man who reportedly bragged about grabbing women inappropriately, the man who reportedly paid a porn star to keep quiet, the man who reportedly attacked Gold Star families, the man who reportedly attacked a Vietnam prisoner of war in his own party simply on the basis of having been captured by the North Vietnamese. And all of these things occurred before he even became president.

During the election cycle in 2016, I will be the first to admit that Mr. Trump was not my first choice. To be honest, he was probably at or near the bottom of my list of preferred candidates. His repeated personal attacks on everyone who said one word against him disgusted me then (and still do now). However, when it became clear that this man was the winner of the election, I decided that I would do my absolute best to give him a chance.

Ever since, I have tried to remain hopeful in waiting for the end of Mr. Trump’s tumultuous term in office. I am appalled that this man would advocate to ban refugees from entering our country. Are these people not “equal” to us? Jesus called us to welcome the stranger out of love for the Lord. If we are so coldhearted that we refuse to help refugees from the war-torn corners of the world, then how are we to see Jesus when He comes back? Futhermore, I am equally appalled that he seeks to build a wall along our Southern border. This wall will only keep out the peaceful people who come to America seeking a better life. The cartels will still commit their crimes, now with even more resolve. Thus, the good people lose, while the bad people win. This doesn’t seem like the workings of a good man.

I am horrified that Mr. Trump, who claims to be a person of faith, would question the faith of both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Romney. I am not questioning Trump’s faith; that is between him and the Almighty. However, how dare he publicly accuse anybody of dishonestly using his or her faith as justification for an unjust cause! I am neither Catholic, like Pelosi, or Mormon, like Romney, but you would never catch me publicly questioning the faith of a public servant, much less two public servants!

Let me conclude by stating that I do not hate the president. I pray for him to act with strength, wisdom and devotion to our country each and every day. I also know that many of my dearest friends will likely disapprove of the statements I have made here. I respect their rights to an opinion just as much as they should respect mine. Lastly, I hope that I will not need to write another article such as this, but I fear that I might. Thus, we must all pray for our country and our leaders, including the president, to do what they know is correct and to “right the ship,” so to speak. May God bless each of you, and may God bless the United States of America.