MY OPINION: Behind the Scenes of Lufkin High School

Ja'zareia Duhon and Ja'zareia Duhon

Ja’zareia Duhon, a member of the Panther Growls staff, is in her first year at Lufkin High School. (Photo by ANA RODRIGUEZ/Lufkin High School Panther Growls)

Behind the scenes of Lufkin High School, there’s more than just gossip. Lufkin High School is one huge school, and there’s more going on besides going to class in a repeated cycle. Let’s take an inside peek in the school to see what the hype about. There’s so much that some know and so much that others don’t.

As a new student of Lufkin High School, I’m going to give you the inside scoop. My experience as a student at LHS is actually going great. For me, I mind my own business — and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but it doesn’t actually go like that. There is always someone in someone else’s business, which isn’t cute.

I observed for a while, and I see how things work in this school. I asked a couple of students around the school, “What is the main topic at Lufkin High School/What’s something that you see a lot of in Lufkin High School?” A group of girls said, “We see more couples. You can’t turn a corner without seeing one.”

Football is such a big thing here. This is first school I’ve seen thats so supportive of its football team. The fans, parents, girlfriends, etc., all are down to ride for their football team. They’re there for the tears, the cheers, the laughs, the excitement and just to be their No. 1 supporters.

The love train. There are so many couples around this school, and honestly there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s almost like everyone got bitten by the love bug. Love is just something that just cant be described.

Dancing started many years ago, and some say the dances now don’t make sense. A new song out there is called “Move Like a Snake” by Young Fanatic, featuring Kayla Nicole. There’s also dances called “Hit Dem Folks,” “Reverse,” and so much more. When you walk around the school, you can’t tell me you don’t see literally almost everybody with some type of earphones, AirPods or headphones. Music honestly just opens the mind. For most people, it keeps them focused.

Besides all the flaws of Lufkin High School, it’s not bad for a school this big. Behind the scenes of Lufkin High School, everything seems to kind of mellow out. I think I will actually make it at LHS, and it won’t be a struggle.

As the new kid, everything here is way better than my old school. I can’t wait to finally experience something new. With all the love, football excitement, dances, shoes and more, I haven’t seen a school so involved with all the academic things here at this school.