MY OPINION: It’s our turn to experience excitement of graduation, new path

Chelsea Holman

A lot of people have experienced the overwhelming excitment about graduation. Now our fellow students in the Lufkin High School Class of 2019 get to join the ride.


Chelsea Holman, right, and Jamya Ware stand in their caps and gowns during Commit To Graduate Day.

Our thoughts include feeling anxious to celebrate the big day with many friends and family, while at the same time thinking about walking in front of thousands of people.


In the end, it comes down to everything you have worked so hard to accomplish through school — all the hours, community service and study nights. All those things walk with you across that stage to another dream at the end.


I asked many students around the school about how they felt about the school year ending so soon. Some say they’re super excited to attend college. Some say they don’t really want to grow up and leave home and have to be responsible for their own bills and education. Fellow student Jamaya Ware said we are moving into our future, and no one knows how to accomplish our future and education more than ourselves.


With that being said, senior year is coming to an end, and with tears waiting to be dried and bags ready to be shipped and packed for something great, my last thoughts on high school are for us to let the road begin.