OUR OPINION: Students should take interest in Mrs. Holcomb’s Accounting program

Tacastass Brooks and Eduardo Falcon

Lufkin High School Accounting teacher Janice Holcomb talks to her students. (Photo by EDUARDO FALCON/Lufkin High School Panther Growls)

For students who would like to own their own businesses, learning accounting could benefit you in many ways. You could keep up with all of your accounts for free instead of paying others to help you manage. Teenagers who attend Lufkin High School think accounting is hard but don’t really know what accounting is.

Accounting is the communication of financial information about economic entities, such as businesses and corporations. Say, if you were to own your own business, your money would have to be stored in accounts, where you would need to keep up with every transaction and deposit.

Lufkin High School Accounting teacher Janice Holcomb’s UIL teams rarely lose.

Lufkin High School accounting teacher Janice Holcomb is a loving, caring, strong, beautiful, genuine lady who is determined to help students learn the language of accounting. Mrs. Holcomb loves teaching her students. She’s very determined. She has a double major in Business and English. She attended Sam Houston State University for Business and Stephen F. Austin State University for Business Education and English.

She has a UIL team at Lufkin High School that competes every year and rarely loses. Her 2018 team won state. If you are a senior and you’ve joined the UIL team, it will look good on your resume, and it would look good for students who want to pursue the business field. The Accounting class is an elective and only lasts half of a semester. After trying Accounting the first time, students can take Mrs. Holcomb’s Advanced Accounting class. It basically helps you get deeper into the language.

“Everyone should take an accounting class so they will understand their personal business as well as business in the real world,” Holcomb said.

Students who think they might want to get into Accounting should visit Mrs. Holcomb in Room E-208.