Politically Correct Society: Gender Crisis

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Politically Correct Society: Gender Crisis

Christian Lopez, Staff Writer

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I’m not a male nor am I a boy, I am now “Cisgender.”

Ever since Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, the popularity of transgenders has increased. Now, I don’t mind transgenders or trying to spread hate here, but if you accidentally call a transgender person by the wrong pronoun, you’re automatically labeled as a bigot and in some cases you can be fired from your job.

I’ll tell you why this has become rampant, it’s because of PC. It’s suddenly “offensive” to be okay with how you were born.

If you were born as a male, and you grew up thinking you’re a male then you’re a “cisgender.” Cisgender is now the new term for non transexuals.  

There’s nothing wrong with being trans or straight, but where it does become wrong is forcing non-trans people to identify as “Cisgender.”

By now, I’m sure you have heard of the website known as Tumblr, a social network in the style of Facebook and Instagram. The website has been known to host ideas of third-wave feminists and LGBT (Lesbian-Gay- ideas.)

The word is popular to the general public, as according to Google Trends, in 2014 the search of “Cis” had risen from 13 percent to a high 87 percent. Tumblr  is almost the breeding ground of this crisis. If you go to the website, and type in “Cis” You’ll find an astronomical amount of posts concerning this topic, all of which are talking Bad about “Cisgenders.”

Everyone is safe and protected on Tumblr. You can find many articles and post telling you where to find comfort, find safe zones if you are being harassed or suffering from any kind of bullying. That’s fine and dandy, but again that’s only if you are not “Cisgender.” You will find post saying that these “Cisgenders” are being oppressive by saying the wrong pronoun.

For example, A person might blog about how someone said “I’m sorry ‘mam” and how it offended them for not being classified as their preferred gender. The comments, or reblogs, will condemn the person who was being polite and instead will encourage the original poster to hate this “Cis-scum.”

This is where our society is heading, people are being condemned for being polite. There is no way a person can know all these new gender-neutral pronouns after decades of knowing the few.

(He, She, They and It.) And those new pronouns are Ne, Ve, Spivak(E’s,) Ze (Zie, and Hir, also Zir,) and finally Xe. That’s a lot to remember, but if they started teaching this to children at early age then it would no longer be a problem. In a perfect world yeah; however, reality is far worse, and so if we do that then none of these gender issues would be solved.

A kid grows up knowing about the Xe’s and the Ve’s, but how can the kid know when to call somebody a he or a xe. We’ll be back to square one and people will still call Xe’s He’s but now we have new words. Odd how a generation that didn’t want to be labeled suddenly has twenty new sexualites and pronouns to be labeled as.

 Speaking of sexualites, a transexual is trying to change their sex from their birth gender, right? Then explain to me why I have to call a MTF trans, a male who is trying to become a female, a Xe instead of you know, a her. If they wanted to become a female then they shouldn’t have a problem with feminine pronouns.

 Listen, I’m not trying to spread “hate” to people of these groups. I don’t really care if you’re part of the LGBT or not, I just want all this nonsense to stop. The US needs to stop being politically correct and they need to start showing these people the real world.

The real world isn’t nice, and the real world won’t care what or who it offends. Everyone is offended by everything. Oh, that reminds me of one group that gets easily offended: Radical Feminist. You know what, I’ll save that for another story.