St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks  Day

Cierra Rodriguez, Destinie Bagley, staff writer

As many people may know, March is when St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated. And In Deep East Texas, some will be seen going around pinching others who are not wearing green, and others, mostly Catholics, have feasts and games, and others go to an annual parade.

Local businesses also are getting in on the festivities.

“We will have a special on dying our pancakes green,” said Stephanie Mac, a waitress at IHOP to promote St. Patrick’s Day.

Every year, Starbucks comes up with a color for each holiday for their drinks, and each St. Patrick’s Day offer a green drink call Starbuck’s Shamrock Frappuccino.

The drink’s starts with a Vanilla Bean Frappachino, then adding the ingredients Peppermint syrup , classic syrup, matcha powder, whipped cream, ice, milk, and green dye. The sizes are the short, small, medium, and large cups.

Lufkin’s St. Patrick’s Catholic Church will be having a festival to celebrate on March 17. They gather together to pray and will provide food, games, and green necklaces to give out to everyone who comes.

This holiday was not just about wearing green and eating foods it was to celebrate of remembrance of Saint Patrick himself. Catholics Celebrate for saint and other yet to know how it became to be a holiday.

Festivities have been taking place for the last 437 years to celebrate a saint name Patrick who went to Ireland and started its first church of Christianity. The church was started in a small barn after arriving near by Slaney River. The date, March 17, was the day he died. The holiday was not celebrated right away though because he died in the year 461.     

The holiday was created by Luke Wadding an Irish Franciscan friar whose persistent efforts turned march 17 into a feast which was around the years 1580-1657.

There is much to do for St. Patrick’s Day, either by attending a parade, a festival, or wearing green, it all goes back many generations of celebrating all around the world for Saint Patrick.