What’s Really Destroying The Nation


photo illustration

Christian Lopez, Staff writer


No, this story won’t be about how I’m oppressed or how the system is putting me down. 

Instead,this story is how racism is pulling the nation apart.

We all know that racism is a bad thing, that’s no surprise. However, what’s really causing more harm is how people are trying to use their race as an advantage or as a handicap or even just using it to deny others.

Universities and colleges are an amazing example of this by admitting students just because they are a minority. No, I’m not saying that minorities shouldn’t be allowed in universities and colleges, but what I’m saying is that they shouldn’t get more opportunities or a free-pass just because of their race.

No race should get a free-pass. I’m Mexican-America. Does that mean I should get a free ride to a university whereas a Caucasian-American shouldn’t, just because they’re white?

Denying a service or product to someone just because of the color of their skin: That sounds a lot like racism to me.

You see it all over social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post after post, each person attacking one another and then pulling out the race card.

 If in an argument, over comments on a post, one person might say “Well, we aren’t all privileged White people,” from there the entire argument becomes a race war.

However, you see my biggest problem is how accepting people are to call out White people. Everyone is acting as if Whites are the only racists in the world. Every race can be racist not just White people.

Seriously, the amount of comments that talk about how White people deserve to be treated unfairly for holding slaves and oppressing cultures. I understand what happened in the past was wrong, but that’s just that, it was in the past.

 If we’re bringing things from the past, let me remind you that White people were slaves too, as matter of fact, every race in the entire world has been slaves at one point in history.

I know that history repeats itself, but in order to make new history we must learn from the past and make amends.

 It’s becoming so separated, that the new thing people find humorous are people of other races. You can find an enormous amount of pictures talking about how awkward White people are or how they’ll shoot up schools and there are many images and videos of how poor Mexico is, or how poor Africa is.

That’s what needs to stop. Our own prejudice is spreading and in turn separating us even more than we already are.

Those pictures that are being laughed at are allowing people to think that it’s okay to make fun of other races.

Another picture I saw showed a Mexican-American and an African-American with the Mexico flag tied to the South African flag with a caption saying, “Black and Brown unite”

While the message is sweet, this is also spreading racism. How? Well, it’s excluding Caucasians, Asians, etc. But that picture opened my eyes.

 In order to end racism, we must all see each other as equals. Because we are all Americans.  

 Look, instead of spreading the hate on other races, we must learn how to get along and learn how to view each other as Americans. We should stop looking at the heritage or cultures behind the person but just the person themselves.

Why is this so hard? No, this isn’t assimilation, no don’t deny your heritage either. The multiple heritages and cultures is what America came from.

But it became that way through the sharing of cultures not the oppression of cultures. If we all view ourselves as Americans, and use our cultures to share experience and bring us closer.

Then, and only then, can racism end.