Boom signs with Kansas State University

Haley Williams, Managing Editor

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Bronson “Boom” Massie’s 13 years of hard work and support from his family is paying off with a full ride.

“There has been so much hard work from me and my mom,” Boom said. “All the traveling, camps and money, my mom has spent about 20 thousand dollars for me to do this since I was four. Now I get to go to college for free and play as a true freshman.”

Boom signed with Kansas State University for a lot of reasons, one being he feels “at home” when he’s on the campus.

“I’m signing with Kansas State University because it reminds me of Lufkin,” Boom said. “It just really feels like home. The coaching staff is excellent, and all the fans show a lot of support like in Lufkin.”

Besides the campus reminding him of Lufkin, Boom said that it’s also very beautiful.

“The campus is really nice and pretty,” Boom sad. “The facility is nice, you can tell they have a lot of money.”

Boom’s plans while attending Kansas State start as soon as next year with a list of goals he wants to accomplish.

“My goals are to play as a true freshman next year, lead the big 12 in sacks, be one of the best players in big 12,” Boom said. “My goals in life is to graduate college, get a minor in communications and become a recruiting coach.”

Becoming a recruiting coach will open up opportunities to see different places around the country.

“I want to be a recruiting coach because you get to travel; You get to go all across the world,” You get to connect with kids across the world because they will be coming to your school.”

To make it to where Boom would like to be in life, he is taking the advice from some of his future teammates.

“The other players were telling me that it’s going to be hard but you have to set your mind to it,” Boom said. “So I just need to set my mind to what needs to be done, and just do it.”