Johnson signs with TJC

Haley Williams, Managing Editor

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Offensive linemen Jerrod Johnson begged his father to take him out of football shortly after he starting playing the game when be was in 3rd grade. Now Johnson is thanking his father for pushing him to continue to play because it will pay his way to college after signing last week to play at Tyler Junior College.

“At first I wanted to do it, but then I got to the practice and I didn’t like it,” Johnson said. “My dad wouldn’t let me back out of it and kept making me go to practices. I am happy he did because I ended up loving football.”

Johnson said he is blessed for the opportunity to play  for Tyler Junior college next fall.

“It’s really a blessing to be about to play football for TJC,” Johnson said. “I’ve always dreamed of playing college football. I put in the hard work to get a full ride and now I’m going to play football in college.”

Besides during and after school practices Johnson has put in hours on his own.

“I’ve put in a lot of hard work,” Johnson said. “I try to workout and practice every chance I get. I try to go to the weight room everyday. I worked hard to get into TJC and I will still work out to get where I want to go next.”

Johnson had a variety of schools looking at him but chose TJC because it was the best choice for him.

“I had University of Louisiana, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Tarleton University looking at me, also,” Johnson said. “I picked TJC because I think it’s a very good opportunity for me to get to where I ultimately want to be, a Division 1 school.”

When Johnson went to visit the campus he received some “words of wisdom” from a cornerback  who was playing on the team the previous year.

“I met a corner,” Johnson said. “He’d be going to a D1 but he couldn’t make the grade. After we talked I realized I need to work harder here.”

Johnson said he believes he is going to have trouble working hard on the field and working equally as much in the classroom.

“My biggest challenge is going to be maintaining my grades and maintaining my level of play on the field,” Johnson said. “It’s hard to keep your grades up and play well on the field. I am going to have to focus on my grades as much as football.”

Johnson has many goals going into college and one is what his career path is going to consist of.

“I want to major in biology and I will ultimately want to go into the medical field with that,” Johnson said. “I have many goals in my life; I want to graduate, be able to do an actual job, and I want to go to TJC for a year or two then transfer to somewhere bigger.”