Three Sophomores On Varsity Level

Lissette Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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It’s hard to make the varsity team, but it is harder to prove yourself to make it as a sophomore. But, for theses three guys, it’s not!

Sophomore, no.  15 Isidro Flores scored the winning goal ending the varsity game 1-0 against Bryan earlier this year. Flores, along with fellow sophomores, Elias Aguliar no. 8 and Anthony Palos no. 14, are on the varsity team this year.

Being a sophomore and lacking experience, Flores feels uneasy, prior to games.

“I get really nervous when I know that I’m about to play against guys that are better than me,” Flores said. “Sometimes I feel pressure from the coaches, when I know that I have to play and do well since I’m a sophomore.”

According to Coach Russel Shaw, Flores, Aguilar and Palos have to grow up faster since the mental and physical level is so much higher.

Aguliar, in his second year playing on the varsity team, plays mid-field and has started all games. He enjoys the feeling of being on varsity, but still feels the pressure to pass his classes.

” I know that I’m a sophomore, but I feel important and bigger than the younger guys on the JV team,” Aguliar said. “I do get a lot of pressure from my teachers about my grades, because if I don’t pass, I don’t get to play and get yelled at from my coaches.”

However, Palos doesn’t get pressure from coach but rather gets the support from his parents. Although he does feels nervous when he plays a good team.

“They have the same expectations, same rules, same everything, as it would be with any team,” Coach Shaw said.