New To The District But Not New To The Game.

Samantha Padilla, Staff Writer

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When Shelby Holcomb works out with the varsity softball team, she is very intense.

“For my softball, girls my expectations are for them to be constantly learning and getting better everyday,” Holcomb said.

The 25-year-old coach also expects the hard work to continue off the field.

“I expect them to be the best students in the class,” she said. “I expect them to act like ladies and respect others as well as themselves. They’re athletes. They should be role models for other students.”

Holcomb said when the team is on the field, she wants them asking questions, staying after for extra reps and taking it to the next level.

“I want to go far in playoffs because when I drop my expectations, I do an injustice to my girls. I that carry far longer than softball.” Holcomb said. If I only teach these girls how to swing a bat or field a ball, I’m a failure as a coach.

Coach Holcomb wants to make the softball players success and never give up on them. She believed that all girls will taking it to the next level and want teaches them what college coach did teaches her. Since she noticed that softball players has struggling with to hit the ball or work on the field and want to help her girls to improving better.

“ Because since she’s already played she has connections and plus if i struggles in an area she knows how to fix it.” softball players, Jasmine Ibarra said.

Ibarra believed that coach can help her to improving better than before and get ready for to play softball in the college because she have a new coach that who played softball in the Cisco JR  College and Southwestern OSU. A new coach already have experiences to how to hit right way, throw to aim of people’s chest and many things of drills. It would be helpful for softball players.

“To make me better than what i am now, To teach me new things about hitting and catching in the outfield,” outfielder Emily Martinez said.

Martinez felt that she already knew that new coach will totally help her to hitting better a lot and believed that Holcomb can makes her to getting better than what she do right now.

In the fact, all lufkin softball players are very excited to learn from her and having her to be our coach this year. They are can’t wait to forward to play distinct game with her new coach. They think that our new coach will teach me better than last coach they had. Also, the Holcomb said “ I’m not sure what yall were used to in the past. And I never coached with Coach Slaton but every coach coaches differently. Just like every teacher teaches a little different. In the past I know strength and conditioning kind of fell by waist line during season. For me that’s what gets us passed the first and second round in playoffs. But as fans I hope you see girls on the field just LITE UP! their amazing and it WILL BE SOMETHING TO COME AND WATCH!”