Panther Growls

Emaleigh Shriver, Staff Writer

Emaleigh Shriver is a quiet person who regrets her past (especially middle school and high school freshman year), but looks toward the future with optimism that may or may not be logical. She loves to read books and then complain about their movie remakes. She most definitely will be wearing some kind of cool looking socks and a jacket because that's just her trademark "I don't care anymore" look. She always has to push her glasses up every few seconds because they aren't adjusted well, and she's hoping to fix that soon. Shriver is usually seen around the band hall sitting down because standing is just so much work sometimes. She is enthusiastic about her art and reading horror books, but her favorite thing to do is sleep. Sleep is the medicine for the mind after all. All in all Emaleigh Shriver is a docile person with spurts of excitement that drive her to work toward her dream of getting a bachelors in Game Art and Animation at t University of Advancing Technology.

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Emaleigh Shriver