Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

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 With many games coming out and being made, a game that calls everyone’s attention is Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. Having the best graphics in the game it makes you feel like you’re in the game, talking to the characters makes it seem that they are real, having blood almost hit you in the face when you explode someone makes you feel powerful. The graphics in this game has made everything better from the dirt in the ground to the clouds in the sky. The characters in this game have been made to make you feel close to them. Having one of your “Brothers” blown up and just seen him in pieces, makes you feel like you can play better for a reason and not just to rage quit.

The technology that has not been fully developed in the real world like the robot legs and arms, have been fully modified and made better in the game. Exo suits is the name for this new technology making you jump way higher and also to have the ability to slide at an incredible speed enough to slide past your enemy and not get seen. With this abilities and technology bots have replaced some of the old characters from the recent games making them harder to kill. Other than the exo suits fully developed body parts that move by just thinking about have replaced blown, shredded, and even cut off body parts making you a real daredevil. This suits make you better with a better live bar and make your mind work as a hacker. Hacking drones and automatic machine guns making you seem invisible when you kill your target.

In this game if people look back to the first modern warfare game the guns have changed a lot regular guns like the sniper and the common handgun have been made to be more accurate and stronger. More objects to put on guns has made all the guns more deadly and way more secretive when shooting with a suppressor. Other guns like the secondary guns have been slightly modified, of course they have changed their looks but they will still do about the same damage and for that they give you two rounds to shoot things with.

Although much has changed all the maps are better and new making you seem like a brand new player. It makes you feel like a kid with a new toy, but also making it harder for you to get use to it again after playing Black Ops 1 Or 2. Over all Black Ops 3 is one of the best games out there.